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Sanctuary Trail
A stone carving showing St John of Beverley and King Athelstan next to each other.

Beverley Minster is a place of sanctuary, and has been for centuries.

In the Middle Ages, all churches could offer limited sanctuary to those who had committed an offence. This was mostly to prevent instant and brutal justice from the people chasing them! It allowed the church to promote peace and for tempers to cool. Beverley Minster was unusual in having the right to offer sanctuary permanently across the whole town to those who were in debt or had committed crimes.

Physical sanctuary is also important today as people are forced to flee war, poverty and natural disasters. You may also want to seek sanctuary here from things which are troubling you. Beverley Minster is always a place of sanctuary and prayer.

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The 'Sanctuary tent' in the North Transept of Beverley Minster has a wooden frame and white canvas.
Sanctuary Introduction
A hand interacts with a touchscreen about Beverley Minster.
Second Touchscreen
A stone carving showing the heads of St John of Beverley and King Athelstan.
St John and Athelstan
The stone 'Frith Stool' stands in a corner of the chancel at Beverley Minster.
Frith Stool
A view of the interior of St Katherine's Chapel at Beverley Minster.
St Katherine's Chapel
An extract from an amination showing King Athelstan's connection to Beverley.
Third Touchscreen