• A view of Beverley Minster looking east with autumn-coloured trees in the foreground.
  • A view of the organ, looking west from Beverley Minster's Choir.
  • A stone carving of St John of Beverley and the Anglo-Saxon King Athelstan.
  • Regimental standards hang above chapels in Beverley Minster's South Transept.
  • The intricate stone carvings that make up the canopy of the Percy Tomb in Beverley Minster.

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Welcome to Beverley Minster!

Beverley Minster has a long and rich history, and we invite you to explore the building and its fascinating past through this website.

In 2021 we commemorate the 1,300th anniversary of the death of St John of Beverley in 721. He founded a monastery on the site of the present Minster and after his death was venerated by pilgrims and monarchs alike.

Beverley Minster is also has a long association with sanctuary, and this website was developed as part of the Sanctuary Project during 2020/2021.

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Use our trails to explore the wonderful history, architecture and spirituality of Beverley Minster. Whether you're at home or visiting the Minster, take a trail and see what you can discover!


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