Videos: Medieval Sanctuary Seekers

The names and crimes of Beverley's medieval sanctuary seekers were recorded in a 'Sanctuary book'. Watch dramatisations of some of their stories.

Videos: Modern-day Sanctuary Seekers

Imagine how hard it must be to leave everything you know and love and set off into the unknown. Hear from three Syrian refugees living in East Yorkshire, and find out more about modern-day sanctuary seekers below.

Video: King Athelstan & St John of Beverley

Watch some of the videos and animations that were created as part of the Sanctuary project in 2020/21. Discover Sanctuary Seekers past and present, and watch the story of St John of Beverley and King Athelstan.

3D models

Explore the 3D models of objects and carvings within Beverley Minster, created as part of the Sanctuary project.

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